Pro Tips of Our Needles

  • Selecting the appropriate needle depends on personal preference, the condition of the skin, and the requirements of the design. Consider the configuration that minimizes trauma to your client's skin.
  • Ensure optimal pigment flow by adjusting the needle hang on your machine to allow a protrusion of 2-3 mm. Extending the needle too far may result in insufficient color pickup during retraction, while not extending it enough can lead to difficulties in visibility and potential pigment pooling.
  • Allow the needle to draw up ink into the cartridge by running the machine and holding the tip in the pigment cup. Be cautious not to let the needle hit the cup's bottom, using a pigment sponge if necessary to prevent damage.
  • Work off the tip(s) of the needle without forcing it into the skin. If resistance occurs, consider changing to a smaller or tighter configuration to minimize trauma. Maintain a flat surface by gently stretching the skin in small areas to maximize ink deposit and minimize skin trauma.
  • Frequently wipe the needle tip to remove any ink or glide buildup. Clean the needle cartridge with sterile water during tattooing to eliminate buildup, especially when changing colors. Detach the needle from the machine, push the back stick of the needle to reveal the needle tips, and utilize a damp paper towel to firmly press and slide along the needle tips. This process allows for the removal of any accumulated residue between the needles.
  • Dispose of used needles into a sharps container after each procedure; never reuse a needle.